Funding for Streamers

How it Works and Frequently Asked Questions

How it Works

A Free Plan allows you to create a profile to follow and connect with Sponsors. You can then apply for various sponsorship opportunities. You will also be listed under the “Featured Streamers” section if you have uploaded a profile image for your account.

A Paid Subscription Plan enables us to promote (market & advertise) your profile to Sponsors, via multiple channels, to find you Sponsorships for your Streaming Channel.

The different Paid Subscription Plans are created to enable you to choose the degree of exposure you want, allowing you to generate an extra stream revenue by connecting you with Sponsors for your channel. Choose a Paid Subscription Plan that fits your marketing budget and required exposure level.
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While you concentrate on Streaming and building your community, we are targeting potential sponsors through various platforms (dependent on your Paid Subscription Plan) by using personalized adverts to promote your Channel.

You do what you do best, and that’s Stream! Through a Paid Subscription Plan, we find the Sponsors and make them aware of you. Every streamer is different and you are your own unique brand. Sponsors are looking for varied and original qualities that resonate with their customers.

Generating a sponsorship income by acquiring a Sponsor through one of our Subscription Plans, will allow you to continue to focus your attention on enhancing your channel’s content and ultimately growing your viewer fanbase.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We currently use PayPal as our payment gateway. Apart from it offering you credit card security, one of the best reasons for using PayPal is that there are no transaction fees for making payments.

You can pay with your Credit Card via PayPal Guest Checkout, even if you don’t have a PayPal account. Just proceed with PayPal and select the option “PayPal Guest Checkout” to allow you to use your Credit Card for payment.

You can cancel your recurring subscription anytime before your next bill date, and there are no cancellation fees. All subscriptions are monthly recurring.

You can be based in any country around the world and sign up for a plan. While many sponsors are US based, they offer sponsorship to all areas of the globe.

We ping your stream to check whether you are live or offline. We also use analytical data to determine the best times to find funders for your channel.

We are first and foremost trying to target and find sponsors for your channel, but an increase in viewers is often a bonus byproduct of our service.

We run ads on a multitude of platforms and channels. The number of these is dependent on the plan that you are on. The higher the monthly plan, the greater the reach we can achieve for you.

We create all the promotional material for you and do all the advertising to promote your stream. All you need to do is continue with your usual stream schedule.

Yes you can. We welcome smaller, niche streamers. Sponsors aren’t necessarily looking for viewer numbers. Quality content and future growth potential are key factors in who gets sponsored. Sign up for one of our plans, keep streaming regularly, and the viewers will naturally come.

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